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Black Friday is quickly approaching, and we wanted to create this Design Journal to showcase our AMAZING Black Friday Deals and help you make the savviest purchases this holiday season! With Black Friday, there are smart ways to go about shopping, you just have to prepare in advance! In this Design Journal, we're going to tell you our favorite ways to plan for your purchases, find the best deals, and make sure you're getting quality and quantity! Scattered throughout the blog are some of our favorite lifestyle photos, and ALL of them have Black Friday Sale items! See if you can spot where the sales are, and use them as inspo for your own home!


This week we're offering 2 deals we've never offered before! The first is BOGO 50% off gift cards! Buy one Blanc Noir Gift Card of any amount, get the second one for half off! There are so many ways to use this deal. You can buy one for yourself and get one for a friend or client, or you can treat yourself to both and use it to buy any design packages or furnishings. Blanc Noir Shop is bursting out the seams with new decor, greenery, sectionals, artwork, everything you can imagine! Speaking of Design Packages... The NEW Holiday Design package is $100 off for Black Friday! This package includes the expert design work for a mantle refresh, entry refresh, dining refresh, and a stunning christmas tree of your choice! Talk about a steal... With those deals plus free shipping, this is our best sale yet, and we can't wait to see what you do with it!


Black Friday is ALL about planning. Planning if you'll shop in store or online, planning what time to shop at, and planning what you need to buy! One of our favorite ways to plan for Black Friday is to make a list of things we definitely want to find a good deal for. From smaller items to furniture pieces, having a list of wants and needs is the best way to go. You can take it a step further by prioritizing your planned purchases from highest to lowest priority! Shop first for what you know you need and last for what you don't need. Make sure you're snagging your top priority deals first, so you're getting what you really need this year! Save the fun little splurges for last to keep things fun, productive, and affordable!


Look no further... your best deals are HERE! Email us the word "DEALS" to, and we'll send you a coupon code for a secret exclusive deal! Just a little treat to say thank you for checking out this weeks journal and being one of our Blanc Noir shoppers! But seriously, finding the best deals can be tricky! Always make sure you're comparing prices and comparing the quality and quantity of your items. One of our favorite examples are stems. You may be tempted to go the cheaper route on something like a stem, BUT those are not built to last. Investing in higher quality stems, that are going to last you through years of wear and tear, are well worth the cost. A higher quality piece will withstand moves, redecorating, seasonal decor changes, high traffic areas, pets, and even kids! This principle applies for all home decor and furniture, though you may be tempted to grab a few cheap pieces, you'll likely be replacing them next Black Friday, if not sooner. Invest in quality and quantity at Blanc Noir! We've got you. 


Now that we've given you our advice, it's time to SHOP Blanc Noir Black Friday deals! If you're looking to refresh and redesign, now is the perfect time to look into an E-Design package! If you're doing some christmas shopping, gift cards, accessories, and design packages are the way to go! If you have any questions about what to get for yourself or for a loved one, email us at and we'll help you along the way! HAPPY SHOPPING!

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