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With 5 stunning collections to shop from, our shop is carefully curated to fit any style. Our collections include Mount Blanc, Park Avenue, Jade Coastal, City Noir, & La Maison. In this new Office Collection, you'll find each of your favorite styles! Mount Blanc is Inspired by the cozy atmosphere of the mountains, the Park Avenue Collection is a testament to the beauty and richness of suburban living, the Jade Coastal Collection is one of our up and coming favorites that's inspired by the beauty of the sea and its surroundings. The City Noir collection is creatively Inspired by the captivating beauty of city skies. This collection features a sleek and modern design, with a color palette that is heavily influenced by the dark and moody tones of the night sky and the La Maison collection is Inspired by classic European design. Whether you're looking to revamp just your home office or your entire home, we're here to help you achieve the luxurious, comfortable, and timeless living space you deserve. Choose from any of our bundles below OR purchase The Office E-Design Package for some help completely curating your own office style!

Work From Home Era

Since the pandemic, we've all been in our Work From Home Era! Many businesses went remote and stayed remote during 2020, and with that adjustment came the need for a functional yet beautiful home office space. In our opinion, working in a space that is beautiful and represents YOU and your work can make all the difference. With the addition of so many new office space products to our website, we wanted to show you how we would style some fabulous office spaces! Whether it's your home office or you're looking to spice up your office at a work building, we can't wait to help. We've created our favorite thing for you... bundles!!! Inspired by our 5 collections, here are 5 Office Bundles to create your dream space. Utilizing these will most definitely bring you into your Designer Era! Here's a sneak peak of Monique's home office... to die for! To shop a similar look, check out the Louis Desk and the Sarah Chair in Dove! For the art, Nors would be the perfect compliment! Keep scrolling to shop the look.

Functional & Fabulous

Two of our favorite words! We believe every space should be a fabulous representation of you and your life, while also remaining functional and practical. This is especially important when it comes to an office space. Though we want to design our hearts out, the functionality and open space of an office is what makes working from home or in your building relaxing and comfortable. Some tips we like to give are to keep it simple, create a relaxing color scheme, and invest in a comfortable chair! Featuring the Sun Peak Desk, The Rider Chair, and the Olive Tree, here are some photos from one of our FAVORITE office projects. Introducing... The Majestic Office Project!

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