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For those with no background in design, it can be so difficult to pair pieces and create practical yet beautiful design scenes. That's why we're so excited to introduce our Designer Bundles! All of our designer bundles are carefully curated and created with thought and intention by our design team. We love being able to provide a way for you to effortlessly add a bunde to your cart and place these items in your home knowing they were designed specifically for your taste. With these pillow bundles we wanted to create a wide variety of choices that suit any style. Below, you'll see our 5 pillow bundles to shop from, inspired by our 5 lifestyle collections! Which matches the vibe of your space?


Pairing pillows is not for the faint of heart! There are so many ways to go wrong, but also SO many ways to go right! When pairing pillows, utilizing different patterns, textures, sizes, and fabrics can bring a space to life and add so much dimension and flair. With all of our pillow bundles, we wanted to provide a lot of variety. This wide range of variety gives you the option to pair them and present them however you like. Whether you place them all in one space or spread them throughout your home, these different yet cohesive styles will make a statement or soften up any room in your home, office, or condo. If you want to mix and match between bundles, there are always ways to do that! Below are some of our favorite mixes of collections! Anything is possible in your home. Keep reading for some advice on HOW to mix & match!


If you're wanting to test out your style, or choose different pillows from each bundle, we have a couple tricks up our sleeve for choosing! We believe every pillow bundle, weather it's self made or designer made, should have a 'Statement', a 'Favorite', and a 'Neutral'. For your Statement pillow, we encourage you to choose one that will stand out among the rest. This can be a fun pattern, a bright color, or a unique fabric if you'd rather keep them all neutral. For your Favorite, we encourage everyone to pick a piece (in this case, a pillow), that you LOVE! Whichever first catches your eye and you feel like you have to have it, center your bundle around that one you LOVE! For your Neutral, pick a pillow that compliments your Statement and your Favorite. Neutrals mean different things in different spaces. For some, your neutral could be a white, grey, or beige. For other spaces, a neutral could be a royal blue or an olive green, if that is what's neutral to your space. Every Designer Made Bundle has all 3, a 'Statement', a 'Favorite', and a 'Neutral' + a few more to complete your space! Here are a couple of our favorites!


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